About Us

Ray Hansell & MarySue Lucci
founders of ToonUp Coach
"Our strategy is to use today's technology to create a better network of communications - one which will enhance relationships between employers and employees, businesses and customers, and organizations and their members."

ToonUp Coach produces and distributes animated software products designed to train, motivate and communicate with employees. These short, animated cartoons provide employers with a means of communicating in a fun and effective way that ensures the message is not only heard, but retained.

The firm was founded, and is owned by two highly successful entrepreneurial managers, Raymond J. Hansell and Marysue Lucci. Prior to starting ToonUp Coach in 1999, the team built one of America's largest teleservices firms, RMH Teleservices. RMH was venture-funded and then taken public in 1990 (RMHT, NASDAQ). Not content to rest on the laurels of their accomplishments, Ray and Marysue sought new challenges in corporate communications. They wanted to create an organization that would help other organizations train and motivate their employees. They then applied their managerial talents to create an organization that would address core problems of employee performance, productivity improvement, motivation, and turnover reduction in a light and humorous manner.

To accomplish their goals, the founders conducted extensive market research and assembled a top-flight crew of animators, cartoonists, training designers, and product developers to bring their vision to life. Based on the research results, ToonUp Coach developed its flagship line of products, ToonUps® and StarGrams.

Today ToonUp Coach is helping hundreds of organizations train, motivate and communicate with their employees. Click on an image below to learn more about how our products are being used in business today!