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Businesses Can Now "Hang Up" ToonUp Posters and "Hang On" to Important Customer Service and Sales Skills!
Big News! ToonUp Coach Awarded US Patent!  
ToonUp Coach Communications Customer Takes a Break with ToonUps®!
ToonUp Coach's ToonUps® Transcend Cultural Workplace Boundaries
ToonUp Coach's ToonUps® Breaks the Tension in an Intense Customer Service Environment!
Warning: ToonUp Coach's ToonUps® are Addictive to Call Centers!!!
Th-Th-That's (Not) All, Folks
New Animated Emails Help Get Your Company Noticed
New Animated Emails Help Sales People Get Noticed
Animated Business Cartoons Help Employees Get Back to Work
ToonUp Coach Communications Provides Humorous Learning Tools for Hewlett-Packard, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Verizon Communications, and NetFlix
New Products Change the Face of Training
Sixers Animation is a Hit!
Entrepreneurial Company Gains National Attention with Sixers Animation
New Product Adds Fun to Employee Communications and Grabs Attention
New Product Uses Humor to Improve Employee Communications and Reduce Stress
"ToonUp® Your Call Center"™ CD Provides Tools to Blend E-Learning with Training Sessions
ToonUp Coach Introduces Training Animations for Call Centers

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See how ToonUp Coach helped to motivate the Philadelphia 76ers!

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Animation used at NBA Finals

Cartoons Capture the Attention of Call Center Operators
-Call Center Times
How To Win Friendly Agents And Influence Customers
-Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine
Local Company Hones Internet Marketing Strategy
-Greg Gore
Set Yourself Apart...with Cartoons!
-Spellman and Associates
Clever and Funny Communicates
-Ragan Report
ToonUp® Your Workplace
Local Internet Uses Humor to Cope with Tragedy
-Greg Gore

Product Reviews

[ToonUps®] are short, entirely unique, colorful, engaging and entertaining. They have well-thought, clever messages that try to pack in important information ... a unique product that can provide an element of fun to daily learning and information reinforcement in the workplace., product review
"ToonUp® Your Call Center" lets you send e-mail messages to agents containing animated cartoons that are 30 seconds long. Each ToonUp® covers a different topic like how to handle difficult customers ... communication skills and customer care.
-Call Center Magazine, product review
 ...the 30-second bit gets the idea across in a comic fashion. And that's exactly what ... good employee communication can do.
-The Ragan Report, product review
 ToonUp Coach has developed a motivational and communications tool for the business market to help facillitate employee communications around the globe. ToonUps® and StarGrams are short, animated cartoons that provide employers with a friendly and humorous means of communicating messages, announcements and work-related tips and reminders to employees.
-CRM Magazine, in Hot Prospects, August Issue
 ToonUps® are 60-second animated cartoons that deliver business messages directly to employees' desktops via e-mail to improve communication and reduce stress through humor. Each ToonUp® animation includes visuals of a workplace scenario followed by a business message and key tips on how to help handle such situations.
-Training Magazine, product review
 We've been working closely with ToonUp Coach to use their StarGrams as a meeting announcement tool for close to a year. We send out standard e-mail announcements as well as the StarGrams and we always get compliments on the creativity and impact of the StarGrams. Plus ToonUp Coach is great to work with. They are flexible, responsive, and creative. They help us get the attention of our audience......the very busy teleservice professionals who belong to our association. I would recommend ToonUp Coach for anyone who needs a creative, high-impact, timely and effective e-communications tool.
-Jeffrey Plaut, past president of the American Teleservices Association's Mid-Atlantic Chapter