Call Center Management

Have you ever walked through your call center and been concerned to hear:

  • "How should I know, I only work here..."
  • "Look, I'm not the one who created this mess..."
  • "It's not my job..."

Considering the time it takes to select good people and the big investments you've made to train them it is very disheartening to hear your employees on calls that don't reflect the care you've taken.

Sometimes you need to remember that even the best professional ballplayers still look for signals from their first base coach on when to run – couldn't we all use simple reminders from time to time?

ToonUp Coach's inventory of animated messages provides your employees with the gentle but firm reminders they need to stay on track.

Tips on everything they need to do are delivered via quick, entertaining animations that relentlessly remind them how to treat your customers the right way every time.

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