"I wish everyone had the attitude the animations have! There are so many times that I, as a manager, need to say something to someone and correct something, but it can difficult to communicate the message in a way that's non-offensive, non-parental. These animations can help me deliver those messages with the positive spirit it is intended and is perfect for those situations!"

-Johanna Campbell

"ToonUp Coach's ToonUps® and StarGrams allow me to communicate with individuals and groups in an efficient way. The creativity expressed in the cartoons brings a smile to the agents' face while making the necessary impact. My training representative was very pleased with the Course Guides and began using them immediately. The time it saved on development of materials more than made up for the cost."

-Ron Woody, Call Center Coach

"The quality of our communication skills training has definitely improved now that we have some fun, new animations from ToonUp Coach to insert into our PowerPoint presentations. It is also very convenient to have the ability to post the animations on our department Intranet where the Associates can easily access them in between calls."

-Heather Kratzer, Training and Quality Assurance Manager

"It is a great way to motivate employees. It is a handy tool to address performance issues in a non-confrontational way. And, it uses humor to get management points across."

-Laura Thacker, Manager of Training Systems

"I think it is a really easy system to use. It gives positive recognition and motivation to the employees."

-Kathy Kaltenbach, Customer Service Manager

"I'm very pleased with ToonUp Your Call Center. It's working well in my training department. Since purchasing the product, we have seen a change in the attitudes and morale of the center and the ability for the agents to understand things more clearly. They're able to communicate with customers better and actually enjoy the training. They like ToonUps®. They like them a lot!"

-Jude Storey, Director