Creating a positive work environment is a real challenge in today's world. Juggling employee morale while maintaining superior performance is not an easy act.

Even after MAJOR investments in expensive compensation packages and facility improvements, frequently the performance does not measure up to expectations.

More often then not employees are looking for the MINOR things that indicate they are valued. In other words ~Show them some respect and they will usually deal with the rest~ paying attention to little things like...

  • How you greet and treat people
  • How you remind employees of appropriate behaviors
  • How you deal with performance related issues

These issues can either be dealt with in a way that suggests your employees are valued or with a heavy-handed approach that breaks down morale.

ToonUp Coach's arsenal of animated interventions can be used as training reminders, attitude adjusters, or just plain communication enhancers to inform, train and motivate people with just a light touch of humor.

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