What sets ToonUp Coach products apart from other training and communications products is FLEXIBILITY! Unlike most other products, ToonUp Coach's animations can be used across a wide range of applications and technologies by a variety of different users.

Simply put...our products can be used in ways other training and communications products can not!

Online Quiz
Break Room

  • All ToonUp Coach animations can be sent to employees via email by trainers, managers, or any authorized users.
  • Each email contains a link to the animation so there are no attachments to send!
  • Users can add additional messages and up to 2 images to the animation.
  • Users can access reports to track email activity to see if the animation has been viewed.

Product Comparison

Typical Email   ToonUp Coach Animation Packages
Simple emails are quick and easy to send, but can only convey a few points. Longer emails require too much time and are often ineffective.   Also quick and easy to send, but the animation conveys many details in a short amount of time.
Often sound heavy-handed or chastising.   Use humor to convey the message in a way employees will actually enjoy!
Emails don't convey emotions, tone or voice, conviction or state of mind so they are often misinterpreted.   ToonUp Coach's animations literally speak to your employees. You can even add your own message for further clarification.
Text email contains little visual stimuli to encourage retention.  Words on the page just disappear once the email is deleted.   Fun and entertaining animations will be remembered long after the email has been deleted.