What Are ToonUps?

"First you laugh, then you learn!"
-Susan Gore, Praxis International

ToonUp Coach has combined Humor and Technology to create an innovative training product to train your staff in ways other training products do not!



    These animations, called ToonUps®, consist of 3 elements...

Part 1: Storyline
  • Illustrates Proper or Improper Behavior
  • Provides Humorous Scenario
  • Creates a Memorable Example
Part 2: Management Message
  • Conveys the Moral for the Story
  • Clever Tagline Improves Retention
  • Gets your Message Across
Part 3: ToonTips
  • Provides Action Steps
  • Prescriptive Advice for Future Behavior
  • Gives Tips for Improvement

ToonUp Your Workplace!
ToonUp Coach

Use the Coach and Get Your Company in Shape!

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