Why Use Toons?

The Concept...
First You Laugh, Then You Learn!

At ToonUp Coach, our goal is to provide businesses with the tools they need to create a positive work environment through improved communications. We have developed hundreds of animations which integrate humor into important business messages. Our short, humorous animations help organizations train and communicate with employees in a way that's both enjoyable and effective!


"A day without laughter is a
day wasted."

-Charles Chaplin

How humor improves retention 

  • Laughter causes our bodies to release endorphins, and reduces the hormone released during stress response.
  • Our heart rate quickens, our brains become more active.
  • Humor puts us in a better state of mind and makes us more receptive.
  • Our minds and bodies make a connection between what we've seen or heard and the good feeling that followed.
  • All of this leads to...improved retention!

How do ToonUp Coach Animations Help?

  • ToonUp Coach's animated messages combine humor with important messages to make sure the message is not only heard...but retained.
  • Our animations feature humorous scenarios and clever management messages and simple tips to help deliver the message.
  • They are short...only about 30-60 seconds long...so they quickly and effectively communicate your message.
  • And, they can be sent via email, used in PowerPoint presentations, posted to an intranet site and more.

"Laughter is an instant vacation."
-Milton Berle


"Laughter is the
shortest distance between two people."

-Victor Borge

ToonUp Coach has created hundreds of animations covering a variety of topics. Our ToonUp animations provide humorous examples and prescriptive tips to improve everything from customer service issues to HR issues to general office issues like keeping the break room clean. To learn more, check out our Customer Service, Human Resources, Sales Training, and Office Professionalism packages.