How Do I Use Them?

What sets ToonUp Coach products apart from other training and communications products is FLEXIBILITY! Unlike most other products, ToonUp Coach's animations can be used across a wide range of applications and technologies by a variety of different users.

Simply put...our products can be used in ways other training and communications products can not!

Online Quiz
Break Room

  • Animations play automatically, and can be paused or restarted at any time during your presentation.
  • Can be used to introduce a topic, illustrate a scenario, emphasize your message, or just to break the ice!
  • Humorous scenarios make training fun and improve retention!

Product Comparison

Training Videos and DVDs   ToonUp Coach Animation Packages
Requires a DVD player or VCR.   Can be embedded into your PowerPoint, requires no additional equipment.
Limited to classroom/conference room.   Can be used not only in PowerPoint, but also via email, CBT, intranet, and more.
Multiple disks/tapes needed for each trainer or facility.   Corporate licensing and electronic format allow for multiple users to access programs immediately.
Employees need to be taken away from desks or tasks.   Employees can watch ToonUp Coach's animations from their desktop computer.
Cover only the bigger training issues, do not address many workplace issues.   Address a variety of training issues, including common day-to-day issues not typically trained in a classroom.