How Do I Access Them?

All of ToonUp Coach's Animation Packages are now accessible from ToonUp Coach's new Web Portal!

From ToonUp Coach's Web Portal, users have access to all the animations included in their package. They can choose to send the animations through Email, create PowerPoint presentations, download the animation files, print PDF files, or much more.

ToonUp Coach's Web Portal also allows users to...

  • Invite additional users
  • Track activity and usage through online reports
  • Schedule animations to be sent via email
  • Create online courses
  • Share messages, images, and customized animations with other users
  • Add additional products to the account
And much, much more!

Check out this brief tutorial to learn more about how our new Web Portal works...

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It's easy to navigate through ToonUp Coach's Web Portal with its large icons and innovative design.

  • Select an Animation - Go to the animations page where you can preview and select an animation. From there you can choose to send animations via email, embed them into PowerPoint, customize an animation, create a course, print a poster,  and more.

  • Create Online Course - Build your own online mini-course featuring ToonUp Coach's animations and your text and questions.

  • Learn More - Get answers to your questions and learn how to use the program with FAQ's, Online Tutorial, Tips & Tricks, and Troubleshooting pages