Office Distractions Suite

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The Office Distractions Suite presents office etiquette, noise distractions and workplace courtesy in a humorous way that raises employee awareness without getting preachy. These animations illustrate the pitfalls of noise, loud music, and other distractions and provide tips toward creating a more positive work environment.

The Office Distractions Suite teaches employees proper cube etiquette, and how to be mindful of coworkers. This suite addresses office etiquette noise distractions: annoying computer sound effects, loud music and overly chatty coworkers. All 5 animations show the negative effect bad office cube etiquette can have on productivity.

The Office Distractions suite is part of the Office Professionalism package.

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ToonUp Coach's ToonUps Included in the Suite:

Computer Noise
Computer Noise cartoon

Office Distractions
Cubicle Noise
Cubicle Noise cartoon
Conga Line

Office Distractions
Cube Courtesy
Cube Courtesy cartoon
Inch Worm

Office Distractions
Listening to Music
Listening to Music cartoon
Lotta Bass

Office Distractions
Distracting Co-workers
Distracting Co-workers cartoon
Snake Charmer

Office Distractions