Office Etiquette Suite

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The Office Etiquette Suite teaches employees proper office etiquette protocol by demonstrating what not to do in a series of humorous cartoons. The animated Office Etiquette cartoons demonstrate proper behavior in a way that is memorable and enjoyable, so the office etiquette tips stick in employees' minds long after the training session is over.

The Office Etiquette Suite teaches employees office etiquette protocol for appropriate behavior and workflow. Topics covered include: dress code, idea acceptance, collaboration, giving informative instructions, integrity and proper office etiquette for phone messages.

The Office Etiquette suite is part of the Office Professionalism package.

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ToonUp Coach's ToonUps Included in the Suite:

Dress Code
Dress Code cartoon
Casual Daze

Office Etiquette
Accepting Ideas
Accepting Ideas cartoon

Office Etiquette
Collaboration cartoon
House Pets

Office Etiquette
Taking Phone Messages
Taking Phone Messages cartoon
Jack B

Office Etiquette
Integrity cartoon
Paper Trail

Office Etiquette
Giving Instructions
Giving Instructions cartoon
Time Bomb

Office Etiquette