Communication Skills Suite

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ToonUp Coach's Communication Skills Suite includes 8 animations, called ToonUps, which address common issues typically covered in communication skills training.

The customer service tips presented in the Communications Skills Suite demonstrate the problems that can arise from poor communication, and the skills and solutions that can help. The cartoons in the module present customer service tips for better verbal communication with customers—tone, pitch, diction, clarity and word choice.

The Communication Skills suite is part of the Customer Service package.

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ToonUp Coach's ToonUps Included in the Suite:

Striking a Balance
Striking a Balance cartoon

Communication Skills
Speaking with Food
Speaking with Food cartoon
Gumming Up the Works

Communication Skills
Using Slang
Using Slang cartoon
Hot Rod

Communication Skills
Speaking Clearly
Speaking Clearly cartoon
How to Bee

Communication Skills
Insincere Tone of Voice
Insincere Tone of Voice cartoon
Line Up

Communication Skills
Listening to Customers
Listening to Customers cartoon
Mist Opportunities

Communication Skills
Word Choice
Word Choice cartoon
Positive Delivery

Communication Skills
Tone of Voice
Tone of Voice cartoon
Take Off

Communication Skills