Email Etiquette Suite

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The Email Etiquette Suite uses humor to address workplace email etiquette issues in a fun, innovative cartoon format. This office email etiquette training is entertaining and engaging, not bland and boring, so employees remember the lessons covered long after the training is over.

The Email Etiquette Suite covers the workplace email etiquette issues most frequently encountered by office professionals. This office email etiquette training session will show employees the proper use, and common abuse, of email. Topics covered include: time management and email overuse; using good judgment when sending email; staying on top of your inbox and thinking before sending.

The Email Etiquette suite is part of the Office Professionalism package.

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ToonUp Coach's ToonUps Included in the Suite:

Limiting Your Emails
Limiting Your Emails cartoon
10000 Thank You's

Email Etiquette
Email Etiquette
Email Etiquette cartoon
E Judgment

Email Etiquette
Managing Email
Managing Email cartoon
Overstuffed In Box

Email Etiquette
Proper Emails
Proper Emails cartoon
Too Late

Email Etiquette