Servicing the Customer Suite

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ToonUp Coach's Servicing the Customer Suite includes 4 customer service skills training cartoons, called ToonUps, which show what it takes to provide truly effective customer service from the customer’s point of view. This suite uses a more service-oriented approach to customer service skills training by focusing on providing effective customer service through the customer's eyes.

The customer service cartoons included in the Servicing the Customer Suite demonstrate what a difference an effective customer service call or request can make to a customer's overall experience. Employees are reminded to follow through, accept responsibility, show respect, and, above all else, provide accurate information.

The Servicing the Customer suite is part of the Customer Service package.

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ToonUp Coach's ToonUps Included in the Suite:

Follow Through
Follow Through cartoon
Dropping the Ball

Servicing the Customer
Taking Responsibility for Customers
Taking Responsibility for Customers cartoon
Pass the Buck

Servicing the Customer
Treating Customers with Respect
Treating Customers with Respect cartoon
Real Genius

Servicing the Customer
Giving Accurate Information
Giving Accurate Information cartoon
Who Needs Help

Servicing the Customer