Sales Habits Suite

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ToonUp Coach's Sales Habits Training Suite includes 4 sales and contact center training cartoons, called ToonUps, which provide selling tips, tricks, hints and solutions for all areas of sales, from telemarketing skills tips to contact center training programs.

The sales training tips covered in the Sales Habits Suite demonstrate bad habits associated with selling, and how to correct them with online, in-person and telemarketing skills tips. Employees learn the dangers of letting gender or geographic bias get in the way of sales, as well as how to persist a sale without losing the customer and pace a call for optimal results.

The Sales Habits suite is part of the Sales Training package.

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ToonUp Coach's ToonUps Included in the Suite:

Fear of Calling
Fear of Calling cartoon
Area Code Jinx

Sales Habits
Persistence cartoon
Fly Fly Again

Sales Habits
Pacing cartoon

Sales Habits
Gender Bias
Gender Bias cartoon

Sales Habits