Customer Service Package

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Customer Service Training That's Fun and Effective

Customer service training is most effective when employees are engaged, and the best way to encourage participation and retention is with customer service presentations that are anything but boring.

Multiple Uses

12 Month Subscription


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ToonUps Included in the Topic:

Calming the Customer
Calming the Customer cartoon
Big Bang

Difficult Caller
Empathy cartoon
Bridal Shower

Difficult Caller
Taking Responsibility
Taking Responsibility cartoon
Close Enough

Customer Appreciation
Customer Appreciation cartoon

Customer Care
Responsiveness cartoon

Customer Care
Apathy cartoon
Customer Desert

Customer Care
Follow Through
Follow Through cartoon
Dropping the Ball

Servicing the Customer
Striking a Balance
Striking a Balance cartoon

Communication Skills
Validating cartoon
Flea Caller

Difficult Caller
Attention to Details
Attention to Details cartoon
Grand Opening

Speaking with Food
Speaking with Food cartoon
Gumming Up the Works

Communication Skills
Using Slang
Using Slang cartoon
Hot Rod

Communication Skills
Speaking Clearly
Speaking Clearly cartoon
How to Bee

Communication Skills
Getting Involved
Getting Involved cartoon
Inspirational Mug

Customers Count on You
Customers Count on You cartoon

Customer Care
Insincere Tone of Voice
Insincere Tone of Voice cartoon
Line Up

Communication Skills
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement cartoon
Made in the Shade

Impact of Poor Quality
Impact of Poor Quality cartoon
Mirror Mirror

Listening to Customers
Listening to Customers cartoon
Mist Opportunities

Communication Skills
Treating Customers with Urgency
Treating Customers with Urgency cartoon
New Restaurant

Call Handling
Complacency cartoon
Number One

Customer Care
Talking on an Open Line
Talking on an Open Line cartoon
Open Line

Call Handling
Taking Responsibility for Customers
Taking Responsibility for Customers cartoon
Pass the Buck

Servicing the Customer
Barriers to Service
Barriers to Service cartoon

Customer Care
Leaving Customers in the Queue
Leaving Customers in the Queue cartoon
Please Hold

Call Handling
Word Choice
Word Choice cartoon
Positive Delivery

Communication Skills
Treating Customers with Respect
Treating Customers with Respect cartoon
Real Genius

Servicing the Customer
Tone of Voice
Tone of Voice cartoon
Take Off

Communication Skills
Cross Team Quality
Cross Team Quality cartoon
Title Change

Transferring Calls
Transferring Calls cartoon
Transfer Shuffle

Call Handling
Keep Your Emotions in Check
Keep Your Emotions in Check cartoon

Difficult Caller
Giving Accurate Information
Giving Accurate Information cartoon
Who Needs Help

Servicing the Customer
Wrap Up
Wrap Up cartoon
Wrap Up Zone

Call Handling
Leaving Customers on Hold
Leaving Customers on Hold cartoon
You're on Hold

Call Handling