Training Managers

Retention can be dramatically improved when your message is delivered in a fun and entertaining way. Think about it…people remember lines from movies or lyrics to songs they haven't seen or heard in years…yet can't remember what they learned in training last week!

Training professionals know this and are always looking for ways to add new elements to their training to make it more fun and enjoyable. ToonUp Coach's business animations use humor to convey your message in a way your trainees are more apt to remember.

Of course, the best way to improve retention and make your training really "stick," is to continually reinforce your message after the training has occurred.

This is what makes ToonUp Coach's animations so unique. They can be used during your training session ….whether it's through PowerPoint or through an online training program…to introduce the topic. And then continually reinforced after the training through email or your company intranet!

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