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ToonUp Tip Posters - New! ToonUp Coach is now offering Posters featuring ToonTips from our ToonUp animations. Printed and mounted on Gatorboard, they are ready to hang in your office, break room, training room, or wherever! ToonUp Coach's posters offer the same high quality but better value than expensive framed poster sites.

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Treating Customers with Urgency
Treating Customers with Urgency poster
New Restaurant

Call Handling
Talking on an Open Line
Talking on an Open Line poster
Open Line

Call Handling
Leaving Customers in the Queue
Leaving Customers in the Queue poster
Please Hold

Call Handling
Transferring Calls
Transferring Calls poster
Transfer Shuffle

Call Handling
Wrap Up
Wrap Up poster
Wrap Up Zone

Call Handling
Leaving Customers on Hold
Leaving Customers on Hold poster
You're on Hold

Call Handling
Fear of Change
Fear of Change poster
Bang Your Head

Reactions to Change
Reactions to Change poster
Change Museum

Benefit of Change
Benefit of Change poster
Diagnosis Change

Anger Towards Change
Anger Towards Change poster

Pitfalls of Denying Change
Pitfalls of Denying Change poster
Ice Age

Remaining Flexible
Remaining Flexible poster

Accepting Change
Accepting Change poster
Pocket Change

Striking a Balance
Striking a Balance poster

Communication Skills
Speaking with Food
Speaking with Food poster
Gumming Up the Works

Communication Skills
Using Slang
Using Slang poster
Hot Rod

Communication Skills

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